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Imagine WORKING FROM HOME and having free time for your family

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The Be Your Own Boss Toolkit is a tried & tested step-by-step ebook + templates & swipe file series that will teach you how to work from home as a HIGH-EARNING freelancer

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This is incredibly powerful. Thorough & inspiring.

Tessa W

Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 3

Very insightful with great tips for every step. Katherine has been very helpful and I will continue to work with her. She will take time to explain every step of the process.

Nidia V
Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 3

Katherine’s approach will make you believe you can do it, then help you get there.

Alex M

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve been working hard for years.
Putting a lot into your job but getting less and less out of it. 

It’s been ‘fine’. You could put up with it. Until recently…

You had kids. Maybe you took a break. Perhaps you’re not working right now. Maybe it was your choice, maybe it wasn’t.
You know that you don’t want to keep going as you are. Yet another week to get through.
You’re overwhelmed by how hard it is to balance getting a job you love and doing it justice with being a the kind of mum you want to me.
And there’s never enough time.
But you can’t pay the bills if you don’t earn. So you’ve been..
✅ Making meals
✅ Dropping the kids off
✅ Rushing to work
✅ Wishing you could leave earlier to be with your kids
✅ Collapsing exhausted every evening

But when are you ever going to do something for yourself?

To become the best, happiest, most fulfilled you.

That can give the most to your family?

You've been trying to work out how to balance everything for years but nothing seems to help

But it all seems a bit scary and you’re not sure if you could do it. You’re really doubting yourself. You decide that you’ll think about again another day. One day. You’d love to do it, but, really, how could you actually get there.

I mean, if you can’t even work out what to do, then why on earth would anyone pay you for it, right?

❌ WRONG! ❌

When it comes to working for yourself, I know how hard it is to get started. I spent 12 years telling myself that one day I’d:

a) be working for myself, deciding exactly what I do in my work day, not tied to anyone else’s schedule, no manager. I’m in charge. And:

b) be earning enough money that I can live the life I want without having to work full time.

Most mums I talk to are making one HUGE mistake.

They’re telling themselves they can’t do it before they’ve even tried.

And as soon as they do that, they’re taking away the option of finding out what life could be like otherwise. Because it was too difficult to get started. Too scary. Too risky.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely planned out a new career for yourself at least once...

You’ve got amazing ambition, know-how and work ethic but you know that in order to actually transform your life and your family’s, you need to change the way you spend your time.

And when it comes to getting started, I know how frustrating it can be.

You just don’t really have the time to waste on starting down a route that won’t let you achieve your true earning potential.

The struggle ends today.

Imagine never having to waste time commuting again because you’ve got a pool of high-paying clients asking for your brilliant services again and again.
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How would it feel if you could easily get get set up to start earning from home as a high-earning freelancer in 10 days. With no more googling, no expensive business coaches and no more self-doubt?
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How would your life be different if you could...

CONFIDENTLY embark on a new way of working, knowing that 1000s of other mums have done the same successfully before you.

Know EXACTLY what to do to get started, without risking the house.

EASILY win high-paying clients who appreciate your talents and skills and are willing to pay for their true worth.

Take the time off that you so desperately want. And look after yourself and your family. Even HAVE FUN!

It's all possible!

Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 8

...and I'm here to help

When I tried finally tried freelancing, I realised I'd hit on the best way to make real money from day 1.

I’d been trying to work out how to become my own boss for years. I finally tried freelancing and, in the way I set out to do it, it was an instant success. I earned more than I could have imagined in the first 3 months – and I was only doing it a couple of days a week – and I started hiring people to help me do more.

I know it’s a real pain trying to work out what to do and how to get started.

So I’m here to show you exactly what I did, to take away your stress and share the secrets of how to become your own successful boss first time. 

Introducing the…

Be Your Own Boss Toolkit

The Be Your Own Boss Toolkit is a tried and tested way to get set up to work as a freelancer, winning high-paying clients and taking back CONTROL of your working life! 

Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 3

The cheat sheets are worth more than the price alone.

Emma G

Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 3
I’ve been working for a couple of months now and I’m getting ready to quit my job. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you actually get started! Sue P
Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 3
I’m thrilled I’ve finally been able to take my passion for design and use it to earn money! Lingy C

What's included in the Be Your Own Boss Toolkit?

Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 12
Part 1  The 10 easy steps
Guides, cheat sheets and shared experience that will help you get from employee to boss in the quickest and easiest way possible. You won't be left wondering how to do anything. It's all laid out for you, step-by-detailed-step.

The 10 easy steps cover: 

1. How to find a well-paid job you can do from home and you’ll absolutely love
I’ll help work out what you will both love and excel at. 

2. How to hit on a winning service that’ll sell like wildfire
Learn how to find out what services people like you are making money selling so you can too.

3. How to create a brand for yourself in 5 minutes
I’ll show you a quick trick to design a professional brand that’ll attract the right clients.

4. How to build a website that clients love
Learn what pages your website should have and what to put on them to win over visitors.

5. How to find a huge pool of clients just waiting for someone like you
I’ll walk you through exactly how to join a remote working platform.

6. How to create an irresistible online profile
You’ll learn what makes high-paying clients tick and how to build it into your profile.

7. How to work out your budget & day rates, the EASY way
Even if you don’t like numbers, you won’t break a sweat working out what you should charge.

8. How to stop admin from taking over your life
I’ll answer your questions on what you really need to do, what you don’t, and how to save time.

9. How to win high-paying clients
I’ll talk you through how to get clients coming to you, and how you’re going to close the deal.

10. How to become the freelancer clients keep coming back to again and again
Learn what makes clients so happy they’ll give you their repeat business and generate ongoing income.

Part 2  Values, goals & confidence-building exercises
The key to getting what you want is knowing what you really want in the first place. I’ll help you work out what that looks like so you can translate it into a working pattern & job of your choice using the 10 easy steps.
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Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 14
Part 3  Be Your Own Boss workbook
The workbook accompanies parts 1 and 2 of the ebook. Work on and record your exercises to hold yourself to account as you work to become your own boss. And examples so you know exactly what you need to be thinking about.
Part 4  Budget & day rate calculator

Work out what you should charge per day and per hour to get the income you need.

Even if numbers aren't your thing, this calculator makes it super easy to get them right and not get caught short.

Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 15
Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 14
Part 5 Go-live checklist
Everything you need to do. In one place. Keep track of your progress and cut through to the most important points so you'll never feel overwhelmed or confused. And you'll be up and running as a freelancer in no time.

Get the ultimate freelance guide & quick start kit today

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Total value = £611
Today’s price = £199
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Peek inside the toolkit...

Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 19

Get the ultimate freelance guide & quick start kit today

Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 17
Total value = £611
Today’s price = £199
Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 18

Yes, there are bonuses!

The Be Your Own Boss Toolkit tells you everything you need to start working as a high-earning freelancer. 

You’re covered there.

But I’m not going to lie, there’s a lot to do! You’re going to want a helping hand to get you there.

Here’s why…

You want to maintain the momentum you’ve got right now to move forwards and not get bogged down in producing loads of collateral. Don’t give self-doubt time to creep in!

A professional-looking finish on your website and online freelancer profile will be key in appealing to high-paying clients.

So I’m also going to give you 4 bonuses that will help you launch into freelance as quickly, easily and professionally as possible.

Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 22
BONUS 1 Online profile graphic templates
Not everyone is a kick-ass designer. In fact, would you even know where to start? And what about all the constraints online freelancing platforms put on your images? It's not simple! So here's a pack of 40 templates to get you started with all the images you'll need.
BONUS 2 Real day rates
Find out how much different freelance jobs pay for beginners through to experienced professionals and make sure your plans fit your income goals. Know exactly what you can earn and how much you should be billing clients so you don't undercharge for your valuable time!
Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 23
Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 24
BONUS 3 Website & profile copy templates
Take the pain out of writing for your website and online profile. Stay organised and make it quick and easy with templates showing you exactly what you need to write, complete with pointers on what to include.
BONUS 4 Website & profile swipe files
Stop wondering what to write! Get inspiration from the websites and online profiles of some of the most successful freelancers out there.
Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 25

If clients hire me for a day of coaching, that costs £1,500

But you’re ready to get started by yourself right now. So here’s an exclusive offer.
I’m going to make this easy for you.

You’ll get instant access to the ebook guides, exercises, workbook, calculator, checklist, day rates info, swipe files & writing templates for less that the cost of a meal out!

Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 17
By the end of it, you’ll have a website, online freelancer profile and be ready to win your first high-paying clients. With the momentum to wow them and keep them coming back for more!

If you don't like it, get your money back, 100%

Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 28

I really want you to be happy with your purchase. That’s why I’ve spent, well I was going to say hours, but in reality, weeks and weeks building the Be Your Own Boss Toolkit. It’s full of everything that I wish I had know and I wish I’d had when I was just starting to work out how to work for myself. 

It is hard work to get started, even with all the help I can give you, so I really want you to give it a good go. But if you’re just not getting on with the toolkit, no worries. Tell me within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll refund you in full, straight away. 

I want you to get what you want out of it. So if you think I can help before you call it quits, you can always email me and I’ll do what I can.

Hi, I'm Katherine!

Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 29

I’m a digital marketing expert with a passion for helping woman like us achieve the work-life balance we so desperately crave.

By empowering you to start and grow your own flexible online business that works for you: from home, in the hours that work for you. 

Over 12 years of working in start-up ecommerce and digital marketing, I’ve seen countless businesses grow from nothing. I know how hard it is to get started, even when you’ve got a good idea. Winning those first customers or clients, and then growing to a sustainable revenue stream is so hard.

So you might wonder why on earth I would decide to do it myself. Well, that’s easy. Because I love it. Because I’ve always wanted to. Because I had to. I know exactly what it’s like to feel the need to change the way you earn money, stop being an employee and take control.

I’m an SEO specialist by trade and I’ve seen (and been through) every other aspect of growing businesses, including setting up my own freelancing career, which quickly grew into an agency, and then starting coaching, which I absolutely love.

Why should you trust me?

You've got questions?

What exactly is inside the toolkit?

You’ll get instant access to my 66-page Be Your Own Boss ebook that is made up of 2 parts: Values, goals & confidence and The 10 easy steps – the part that walks you through exactly what you need to do to get from employee to be your own boss. You’ll also get the 23-page printable workbook to help you through the exercises in the ebook. The budget & day rate calculator is in Google Sheets. And your printable Go-live checklist.

What's inside the bonuses?

What’s inside the bonuses? You’ll get instant access to the online profile graphics templates, which are in the free tool, Canva. Writing templates, which you can open and edit with Google Docs. And PDF swipe files of brilliant examples of copy that real, successful freelancers use on their websites and online profiles.

But don't freelancers earn basically nothing?

Some do. But I’m not interested in teaching you how to slave all day for pennies. I’m going to teach you: 1. How to set the day rate and hourly rate that you need to bring in the income you want. 2. How exactly to set yourself up to attract high-paying potential clients. 3. And how to win those clients that will pay you £100s a day.

What if I don't have any skills I can sell?

Firstly, I bet you actually do. I’ll help you to unlock your hidden skills with exercises in the ebook. If you’re still stumped (and I really don’t think you will be), don’t worry, I run online courses to teach you valuable digital marketing skills that you can not only use to promote your business but you can also sell these skills as services to clients!

What skills can I freelance with?

Pretty much anything you can do from home. Or you can opt to work in clients’ offices too. But mostly, think about what you can do from using your laptop, or what files you can deliver over the internet. So this means you could do any of these (and there are so, so many more ideas – I’ll tell you where to find them in the ebook): accounting, digital marketing, copywriting, sales outreach, personal assistant, graphic design, accounting, creative direction, strategy & planning, voicework….

Will I get instant access?

Yes, you’ll get a login emailed to you to access everything in the toolkit in an exclusive members area. You can get started right away. Your access won’t expire so you’ll always be able to come back and pick up parts of the kit later on when you need them.

What if I don't like it and decide it's not for me?

I’ll refund you 100% of the price you’ve paid within 30 days of your purchase. I’m committed to bringing you brilliant products. So if you’re not happy, please email me and I’ll also try and help out if I can, so you can get what you want out of the toolkit.

What if I love this toolkit so much I want more?

You’re in luck! There’s so much more where this has come from. Just purchase this and you’ll be in the gang. You’ll see!

Have another question? 
Email me on and I’ll get you an answer as soon as I can!

Is continuing to struggle on your own even an option?

At this crazy, low price of £199, it’s a no-brainer…

Get the ultimate freelance guide & quick start kit today

Be Your Own Boss Toolkit Offer 17
Total value = £611
Today’s price = £199
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