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How to earn what you want
by winning the clients who’ll pay
If you’re freelancing already, or just thinking about it, learn how to set your prices and how to present your service in a way that attracts high value clients.
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What you'll learn...

How to avoid selling yourself short

Learn how to set a day rate that works for you, meeting your financial and personal freedom goals.

How to appeal to the kinds of clients you should be working for
Learn how to back up a good day rate with a high-quality service offering that’ll attract the clients who’ve got the cash to pay… so you can work for what you’re actually worth.
How to close the deal and win high-end clients
Find out what you need to do to turn prospects into lucrative clients who are thrilled to be working with you.
Meet Your Host
Lessons For Freelancers Workshop Registration 3
Katherine Mugan

I’m a digital marketing expert with a passion for helping freelancers, marketers & business owners achieve their goals with digital marketing skills. 

Over 12 years of working in start-up ecommerce and digital marketing, I’ve seen countless businesses grow from nothing. I know how hard it is to grow – your own business or your freelance career, even when you’ve got a really good idea. Growing a sustainable revenue stream is so hard. But I’m here to show you the way.

Don’t be another freelancer who burns out working for the wrong clients

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