Practical SEO Copywriting Training


Master SEO Copywriting

SEO content writing is an incredibly valuable skill. It’s more than throwing in the odd keyword here and there. It all starts with working out what a page is trying to achieve. In my SEO copywriting online course, you’ll learn how to choose topics to write about and select keywords to target. And how to use SEO best practice to craft engaging and effective SEO copy. How to meet client goals. And how to get a job as an SEO copywriter. With practical exercises to make it real at every step of the way and a video introduction to each new topic.

The online SEO copywriting course

Master SEO copywriting is fully-online SEO copywriting training that will help you understand what SEO copy really means and how to do it. In 18 lessons across 5 topics, it includes everything you need to know about on-page content SEO and sets you up to start earning £200-£500 a day as a copywriter.

Who this is for?

  • Freelance copywriters: trade on having excellent SEO content knowledge and charge a premium.
  • In-house copywriters or generalist marketing managers: learn how to write and publish for SEO.
  • Marketing and SEO managers: train up a member of your marketing or content team to write excellent SEO copy.


This course starts with an assumption of no prior SEO knowledge and takes you through to some advanced on-page concepts. It’s 100% focused on what a copywriter needs to know.

This is not even the half of it. To learn WAY MORE about the ebook, course and swipe file in the Master SEO Copywriting series, click on one of the links above.