SEO Coaching

I help bloggers, e-commerce companies and digital publishers connect traditional SEO – more traffic – with the ultimate business goals:

More product revenue, more leads, more ad impressions.

From training your SEO team or your generalist marketers, helping you to put reports in place, to a quick chat with a CMO who wants to understand how to most effectively leverage SEO, I can help you start to move the needle.

If you’re interested in SEO coaching, you can hire me for 1 full day of coaching for £1,500.

Detailed and ahead of the SEO algorithm. Don’t hesitate to work with Katherine.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Joe Bowab

What you get in 1 day of coaching

  • Sessions prepared just for you and your business
  • A unique SEO strategy developed for your website
  • Sessions delivered by video call
  • Presentations you can take away
  • Everything’s recorded so you can review them later
  • Practical training, including exactly how to achieve what you want to, step-by-step, and you’ll learn how to actually do it yourself
  • We’ll work with your tools and your real data to build what you need
  • I’ll need access to you Google Search Console, Google Analytics and any other SEO tools you use in advance – if you’ve got them set up

In a typical coaching day we’d cover 3 or 4 of these – whatever’s most important to you:

  • Setting up SEO tools
  • SEO content auditing & strategy, including content calendars
  • Setting up a content production workflow that actually works
  • Auditing your site’s technical SEO
  • Improving your technical SEO
  • How to do outreach & link building