Content SEO

You can maximise the organic traffic coming into your site by creating the content that searchers using Google and other search engines are looking for. 

Building up a detailed picture of what customers and clients in your market are looking for through keyword research gives us the full scope of opportunities for your site.

Your site can then be crafted, and content created, to serve the needs of the searchers of each keyword.

Keyword research

We endeavour to find every keyword in your market that has any significant level of search volume (that's how many people are searching for it each month). Through looking at keywords you already rank for, assessing your existing content, identifying close and ideal organic competitors, and researching your market, we build up the full list of potentials.

Mapping & Page Planning

We'll then start to plan out the ideal structure of your website. Every keyword that you want to rank for needs a home: a specific page that will be optimised to target it. We also take topic relevance into consideration, building hubs of content around key topics to demonstrate your expertise in the area.

Woman in technical SEO with laptop

Content planning

Your content is created for a host of different purposes: SEO, brand awareness, trust-building, conversion.

Content planning for SEO involves making sure that every opportunity is taken to generate organic traffic from every piece that’s created. The vast majority of content will be created with SEO as the central goal.

We start with your top priority keywords – those that are incredibly relevant to your site, frequently-searched and with lower competition for the top ranks in search engine results. And we build out a plan of content that you need. 

Each page is supported by research into long-tail keywords that help you plan and write effective content. And we’ll tell you exactly how to use those keywords to best effect.

What's possible?

Your website’s CMS, or content management platform, will need to be able to support either a developer or, ideally, any permissioned CMS user adding text and editing a number of SEO fields. 

Your site will also need to have the technical SEO elements in place that make the most of optimised content, like editable URLs, HTML content tags, image tags, and structured data, also known as schema. 

A platform audit can be done, or you can be provided with a prioritised checklist, to make sure that your CMS is capable of producing keyword-optimised pages. And we can explain what to do about it if it’s not.

What do you get?


A full list of every keyword found in your market, with the top keywords prioritised into targeting groups.

Content SEO Keyword Research Priority Groups Deliverable


A detailed plan of how existing pages should be keyword-optimised and what new pages should be created.


An ideal site structure planned to support SEO through building topic relevance.

We've got the support you need to get creating

You've got your own expert writers

If you’re already well-resourced with content creators, they’ll benefit from a robust editorial calendar plan, full of topics that we know people are looking to read about.

I provide in-person or Zoom training for both copywriters and editors to learn how to structure and write effectively for SEO.

For hands-off, online training, there’s my Master SEO Copywriting course.

Editing and briefing

Writing for SEO is a specialised skill. While your regular contributors may have niche industry knowledge, many struggle with the new, rigorous way of working that is necessary for producing truly great (and highly-converting) SEO content.

We support them by creating clear writing briefs that go down to the level of a full article outline and even where images are needed and what internal links to use. 

Once the pieces are written by your team, we then edit and feed back.

Full content creation service

Where you want to move quickly, or don’t need the hassle of finding and managing a significant team of in-house or freelance writers, we can produce SEO content pages and articles.

We’ll ask about your brand personality, tone of voices and ideal audiences. As well as how you make your money, what your top-selling services or products are, and where you get extra margin.

All this is taken into account to build pages that generate traffic and convert it to meet your goals.