Technical SEO

The fundamentals of technical SEO are code and site structure changes that make it as easy as possible for search engines to:

  • Discover all the pages we want them to on your website
  • Understand each pages’ content
  • Know which market each page serves
  • Rank every critical page highly in search results


We ensure that every relevant page is crawlable and indexable by search engines using sitemaps, internal linking and noindex tags. If pages aren’t discovered or are tagged wrongly, they won’t be shown in search engine results.

Growing traffic

Structuring your site's domain structure, internal linking and content properly, focusing on high-quality and value-adding content will concentrate backlink equity into the most important pages. It’ll also clearly demonstrate your expertise and topic relevance in key areas, helping all your sites pages rank better for keywords in this topic.

Woman in technical SEO with laptop

Technical SEO Audit

The fundamental first step in getting to know your site is performing a really in-depth audit to find out how healthy the site is right now, and what opportunities there are to improve it.

Site audits start at £1300+VAT. That covers most sites with less than 1000 pages but the exact cost depends on how many domains and subdomains you have, how many geography-specific sites you have and the total number of pages on each.

What's checked?

Over 140 checks are made on your site, including:

  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemaps
  • Duplicate content, thin content
  • Core web vitals and site speed
  • Structured data
  • HTML content tags
  • HTML meta tags

And if appropriate:

  • All international technical SEO pitfalls
  • All e-commerce technical SEO pitfalls

What do you get?


The full results of every check, with the action that’s needed to improve average or poor results. 

Technical SEO audit full results example


A detailed report explaining what your top priority issues are and what to do about them.

Technical SEO audit performance chart example


A call to answer any and all of your questions and discuss the next steps.

Technical SEO audit top opportunities example

You'll be ready to start making changes right away

Real, actionable tasks

The full results of the audit are broken down into every single technical task you need to perform in order to have a fully optimised site.

Each task is accompanied by one or both of: a list of affected pages that display the issue that needs fixing; a link for further reading for your marketing team or developers so you know what you’re going to need to do.

Intelligent prioritisation

Without prioritisation, technical SEO could be a never-ending story.

Every task is categorised according to how each it will be to complete, the expected overall impact it will have on the site’s technical SEO health, and the type of work it is.

High impact quick wins are brought to the top of the list to action first. These will have the biggest effect on the site’s ability to rank well once the right content is in place. 

Development support

I work with clients across all development setups. From collaborating with in-house teams of developers to interfacing with your external website-support agency, to bringing my own network of SEO-trained developers in.

Typically I’ll help to specify out development tickets, be on hand to answer any questions from your technical team, and quality check the output of the code changes on a pre-production site before they’re pushed live.